Connecting Civil Structures With Pulse Sensors

Monitoring the structural health of civil structures using concrete sensors to optimize maintenance and maximize service life through structure monitoring.

Maximizing Service Life with IoT and AI
At Pulse, we seek to leverage the convergence of IoT and AI technology to usher in the future of connected structures with the goal of optimizing maintenance and maximizing service life.
Pulse IoT 100 Structural Health Monitoring Solution
Pulse IoT100 is a structural health monitoring system utilizing the latest IoT technology to provide a comprehensive and effective approach to monitoring the health of concrete structures optimizing maintenance and maximizing service life.

Pulse IoT100 Sensors are deployed on the first layer of rebar distributed over the area of structures. The sensors collect data on the ingress of corrosive species at different depths within the concrete cover.

Data is transmitted through surface-mounted data acquisition nodes to the cloud, where it is analyzed using proprietary algorithms to provide predictive insights on degradation risk and timeline. This allows asset owners to plan their interventions optimally and ensure the safety and longevity of their structures.
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