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We leverage state-of-the-art IoT technology for structural health and maintenance optimization, utilizing concrete sensors and structure monitoring to prolong the service life of concrete structures.

Pulse IoT 100 Structural Health Monitoring Solution
Pulse IoT100 is an advanced structural health monitoring system that utilizes the latest IoT technology for comprehensive structure monitoring, incorporating concrete sensors. This solution offers an effective approach to enhancing the structural health of concrete structures, optimizing maintenance practices, and maximizing service life.

Pulse IoT100 Sensors are strategically deployed on the first layer of rebar distributed across the surface of structures. These sensors play a crucial role in data collection, monitoring the ingress of corrosive species at various depths within the concrete cover.

The collected data is transmitted through surface-mounted data acquisition nodes to the cloud, where it undergoes analysis using proprietary algorithms. This analysis yields predictive insights on degradation risk and timeline, enabling asset owners to strategically plan their interventions. Ultimately, this proactive approach with Pulse sensors ensures both the safety and longevity of their structures.
Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete
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