About Pulse

Our purpose is to harness IoT and AI technology for structural health and maintenance optimization, utilizing concrete sensors and structure monitoring to maximize the service life of connected structures with Pulse sensors.

Maximizing Service Life with IoT and AI
At Pulse, we seek to leverage the convergence of IoT and AI technology to usher in the future of connected structures with the goal of optimizing maintenance and maximizing service life. Concrete is the second most used material in the world, after water. It is used in everything from large infrastructure projects to public and private buildings. However, the service life of reinforced concrete structures is often limited by corrosion of the steel reinforcement.

Civil structures (buildings, bridges, tunnels) often have premature failures. These can be caused by unanticipated exposure conditions, construction or design faults, or modest design life. Building codes typically aim for a 50-year service life for buildings and 75-year service life for infrastructure. In the life of cities, that’s not really very long.

While bridges and tunnels may be inspected every two years, buildings are rarely inspected, and problems are only uncovered when they occur.

With Pulse IoT monitoring systems (where Pulse concrete sensors play a key role), asset owners get insights long before structural health issues like corrosion start, allowing them to address them early. As in human health, early intervention in structure monitoring allows asset owners to make more effective and more cost-effective interventions.
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